Giving Golf A Go

Usually when people think back to their origins for their love of golf, they think of all the times that their father took them out for a game in their youth. My father was not the outdoors type. We were raised more media entertainment oriented. I have never experienced activities like camping, golfing, fishing, or any of those outdoor leisure things. My family was just uninterested in those sorts, so for a long time, I was too.

Earlier this year, a few people advised to me that golfing is a good skill to have for social reasons, particularly in the business realm. One’s golfing, for some weird reason, can make or break business deals. Shallow and absurd, yes. I would like to hope  that my personality would shine through a negotiation rather than my golf skills! Golfing is also a way to strengthen relationships with your superiors in whatever organization you are in. If you are thinking that you might be in some corporate or government job, chances are whoever you work for is some old fart that loves to golf.

So with that wise advice and my desire to learn a new skill, I decided to take golf lessons during my Spring Break vacation in San Diego. I have played mini golf so many times, but I have never played a legit game of golf ever. After searching through Groupon, I finally found a deal I could work with. I decided to take private lessons with Ed Harris, a PGA certified instructor who teaches golf in the Balboa Park golf course. It was $120 for three 1 hour lessons. It was a little pricey, but it was worth it considering that it was private lessons with a very sincere instructor. Group lessons tend to be cheaper, but I think it is important to have careful instruction when it comes to learning the mechanics behind the swing.

Me rebelling against the golf dress code etiquette

I did the lessons three days in a row, which is unusual I guess, but I was only in San Diego for a week so I had to get them all in! It’s a total crash course in golf if you do it back to back, but it is definitely possible to do. The first day was spent on the driving range and it consisted of learning the proper stance, grip, and also getting comfortable with swinging. The second day was also on the driving range. I learned how to swing with proper form in step by step motions. The third day,in the first half of the lesson I practiced the swing to the point where I started to become consistent with hitting good shots. The second half I learned how to pitch and chip on the putting green.


So after all this, I still haven’t played a game of golf! BUT! I at least know how to use my tools to play golf. Now I have to utilize my tools to build a skill. I am excited to play! I don’t think I will make it a regular hobby, because it makes me cringe when I think about how much water a golf course wastes just to maintain the nice grass. I would like to go every once in a while though. If you ever get a chance to go to golf in San Diego, go to Balboa! The view is GORGEOUS. You can see the San Diego skyline and the beautiful hills for miles and miles.

unnamed (28)
San Diego skyline view from the golf course

Very close in proximity to the Balboa Park Golf Course is a cute coffee shop called Krakatoa. It is less than 2 miles away, so I went there several times to study before my golf lessons. It is in a suburban residential setting, and I think the actual shop used to be a house. It had a nice outside seating area on a wooden deck. Aaand it is a dog friendly coffee shop! I had the iced Smokey Mocha, which was basically a Mexican chocolate mocha latte. Highly recommended!



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