Being an “extra” in a movie has been on my bucket list for a long long time now. Maybe I find myself star struck, but there is something so thrilling about the thought of being part of major motion picture for millions to see. It would just be awesome to be able to spot myself in the background of a scene sipping on a latte for 3 seconds of airtime in a movie that goes worldwide! Welllllll today I accidentally stumbled upon a filming!

unnamed (2)
Strolling down this strip! Then stumble upon a set!

I was taking a stroll in Balboa Park in the early afternoon wearing my black capris, grey  button up, and heart shaped sun glasses. I just got done with my golf lesson and wanted to wind down by taking a walk in Balboa, one of my favorite places to be. As I was walking between the museum buildings, admiring their elegant Spanish Colonial style architecture, I noticed a couple walking their dogs. They were stopped and looked noticeably happy together based on their body language. I thought of how cute they were as I couple and wondered if they had just met in the park that day. I wished my own mate could be with me in the park. As I was mentally combing through this, a lady with an earpiece popped out from behind some bushes and asked “Are you guys ready?” to the couple. Confused, I just kept on my merry way to the Balboa Park Botanical Building. On my path I spotted at least 3 cameras set up. It was a little odd, but I naturally assumed that maybe some students were filming a bit for a class.

The beautiful Botanical Building

As I stepped into the Botanical Building, a lady hurriedly stopped me. She told me that I was a part of a shot that they were filming for a show on ABC Family called Monica the Medium. She asked if I would sign a release paper so that they could use my face in the shot if it does get edited in. So exciting! So I skimmed the paper, too enthused to care, and handed it back. She also took a picture of me holding the paper up. Weird, I guess the entertainment industry has had problems with forgery in the past.

So I guess that cute couple were just actors! I have never heard of Monica the Medium. I looked up the synopsis and it kind of looks like a silly college aged drama about a gal that can talk to dead people. Maybe I will watch a few episodes to see if I made the cut!

unnamed (1)
Gorgeous architecture of Balboa Park

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