Tampa Museum of Art, but Really Just Fart

One of my favorite places to be in Tampa is Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. It is a small park, but a sweet park in Tampa nonetheless. It is right on the Riverwalk, and it is a beautiful place to spend time in during a beautiful day when the Florida heat and humidity isn’t melting your entire face off. I like going and just sitting on a bench  with my ipod shuffling, and people watching. I like going because it is bewildering watching children play outside. Most people can admit that what children find fun is much different today than 15 years ago, and every year I feel as if less kids desire to get outside to play. It is much more touching to see children learn to ride a bike, rather than learn to use a new app on a tablet. So that’s why I like going. It reminds me of when my own brothers were young. Seeing children is a real novelty sometimes when I am surrounded by college students 7 days a week.Curtis-Hixon

Right next to the park is a large square building: the Tampa Museum of Art. I have passed it many times in downtown Tampa, and I thought to make a trip to see what it is all about. If you are a college student, admission is free! I had my school bag with me, and no bags are allowed in the museum. The museum was kind and offered a free locker service. The inside is pretty unique, yet an appealing space. The day I went, there was a wedding setting up for the night. It really is a romantic location with the Riverwalk near by.


The museum featured a Spanish artist called Jaume Plensa. Plensa is a sculptor who creates a lot of human element type art, integrated with shapes and letters. I found a few interesting pieces, but there were only a select few inside the museum. These pieces were utterly large, and felt like a waste of space. I appreciated those sculptures outside more than the ones inside. This type of art I would imagine is much better outdoors in a park or some sort of garden. Two of his pieces took up two entire rooms of the museum. I honestly thought they were mediocre.




There were other rooms in the museum, but with mostly roman and greek artifacts/art. There was even a Warhol original displayed. Overall, I think the museum seemed to be a little incoherent. There wasn’t a unifying theme, and the use of space looked to be wasted. More fartsy than artsy I’d say. Maybe I don’t have much of an appreciation for this type of art, but I prefer the Dali Museum in St. Pete a 100 times more!


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