Florida Botanical Gardens

Yay! I am finally back in Tampa! It was bitter-sweet leaving my hometown of Pensacola. I usually get too comfortable living back home during the holidays. It is good to be back though. I missed all my friends in Tampa so much!

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School is kicking into gear, and ever since I left home I have been very anxious. My mind has not stopped running in a constant loop. For the past week I have been living in a constant fear that I am missing something, or that I missed a deadline. Just over thinking some things I guess. So I had to find a place to clear my troubled mind.

I thought a long walk would put me at ease, and exploring the Florida Botanical Gardens did just that. A friend recommended the Florida Botanical Gardens last month, and I had to try it out while the weather is still bearable! The gardens are in Largo, which is near the Clearwater/St. Pete area. It was quite a drive from USF, about an hour with traffic, but it was worth getting out of my everyday surroundings.



The map had a variety of different little sections of the park like a Vinery, a Wedding Garden, Butterfly  Garden, Azalea Garden, etc. My favorite part was the Tropical Fruit Garden. There was different kinds of banana, figs, citrus, and pomegranate plants and more. They even had a dragon fruit plant! I didn’t know that is what the actual plant would look like. The dragon plant is pictured above, which looks like a masterpiece collection of green headed dreadlocks. I wish I could see it with some fruit on it.

unnamed (2)
Gators cannot be tamed and feeding them can result in them mistaking a hand for a handout! Florida law Prohibits the feeding or molesting of alligators.

unnamed (1)There were wetlands in a “pond demonstration” part of the park. Apparently there are gators that roam the place! There are these funny looking danger signs posted around the  gardens. I kept my eyes open, scoping for gators, secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of one. Sadly I didn’t find any, but I am honestly kinda glad I didn’t find one. I woulda left a trailing mess running back to my car.

Walking through by myself, I did find a sense of peace. What kind of stinked the trip was the white noise. As a sat on a bench to close my eyes and meditate, I tried to listen to my singing surroundings. I found myself a slightly disappointed as all I heard was cars speeding along the busy roads, construction, and jetliners taking off from the airport. The location is tucked away, but maybe not far enough.

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I am still trying to get in touch with nature. Baby steps here. Walking through, I realized that the environment I live in is so far removed from nature, that it is so easy to disrespect it. The human race is made up of consumers. Is that all we were meant to do? Consume? And disrespect the land we live in? Because every single day, no matter how eco friendly we live our lives, we are consuming. Okay this is depressing. This is a clear reflection of my troubled mind again. I don’t remember where I wanted to go with this. Anyway! Have a great long holiday my friends, in celebration of Martin Luther King Day!



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