Visiting the Pensacola Lighthouse

Here’s to another tick off my Pensacola bucket list: The Pensacola Lighthouse! You can’t say your from Pensacola and not visit the lighthouse just once. It is located on the Navy base NAS Pensacola, and it is a historical landmark by being the first lighthouse ever built on the Gulf Coast. Because it is a historical landmark, you can find one of Pensacola’s signature Pelicans perched nearby for a photo!unnamed (3)

This is an attraction for Pensacola mainly because it is rumored to be totally haunted. Apparently there were two deaths in this lighthouse. On the ground of the lighthouse, an abusive lighthouse keeper was stabbed to death by his wife, and also a mother died of birth complications. They both happened years and years ago. A nice lady volunteer at the lighthouse told me that about three times a year, ghost hunters come stay the night trying to find signs and anomaly’s. The Ghost Hunter’s crew from the Syfy channel even paid a visit once.

Halloween is probably the most exciting time to go to the lighthouse. It would be a nice alternative activity aside from trick-or-teat scene.  I was a little skeptical to explore it all by myself. The night before I had a dream of someone calling to me “You shouldn’t go to haunted places by yourself…“Spooookkkkyyyy. Pft. But that was just more of an incentive to test my guts.


The lighthouse is easy to spot when driving around on base. I was on my way to run some errands and made the pit stop to wander the lighthouse museum on a beautiful Pensacola day. I walked into the admissions house and only one cash register was running. As I waited in line, I skimmed the shop. It was mostly souvenir merchandise, but I quickly found nostalgia singing in the pit of my stomach as I gazed upon a jar of atomic fireballs. Twas a vintage candy that I remember  picking through for in my trick-or-treat bag many moons ago. The last time I had a fireball was in the form of a shot to weeks ago. But that doesn’t count! My sweet tooth is relentless. Had to have it. At 10 cents a piece and a six dollar admission, I went on my merry way.

The museum really embraces Pensacola history and before you actually climb to the top, you get to walk through the keepers house. They have actual furniture and items used in the home throughout the decades, and the rooms are up for display all set up with the inclusion with mannequins. If you’ve never been alone in a room with a mannequin, its totally creepy.

After I did that, I got to climb the lighthouse. The stairs were surprisingly elegant while at the same time noticeably aged. And they felt sturdy! I was expecting creaky wooden floors and fear for my own safety. But nope! Felt pretty safe just hanging onto the rail.

unnamed (6)

When I got to the top I found myself huffing and puffing cause its quite a few steps. There is a volunteer at the top to ensure safety. The first thing I noticed was the original lens used to emit light for miles and miles. It is super delicate and cannot be replaced, so no one is allowed to actually climb into it.unnamed (8)

I couldn’t imagine being a lighthouse keeper having to climb up there every few hours, especially during bad weather. The view from the top is very peaceful to the mind. Pensacola is not known for having a city setting, high risers, or hills. This is one of the few places to get a view from up high, so it is very much a genuine spot to be in Pensacola.

Have you ever visited a lighthouse?



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  1. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for “liking” my post. I have been to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in Jupiter, FL a few times (it’s a landmark here) and I admit I am terrified of heights. You are much, much more brave than me! Let me know if your bucket list adventures ever bring you this way.

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