The Indoor Girl Visits the Outdoors Store

My friends are probably laughing at me because I am writing a blog post about Bass Pro Shops haha! Out of the handful of locations in Florida, I have never visited that store until yesterday. That store is a grand PALACE and the world should know about it!

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Bass Pro Shops is an outdoors retail store chain mostly around eastern United States. They have everything from ATV’s, crossbows, hiking boots, fishing poles, guns, hunting gear, sleeping bags that can withstand 10 degree weather, you name it! I guess I have never visited because I have never had a reason to. I have never been hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, or snowboarding. My family just never did those kinds of things for recreation. Now I am 21 years old and I feel deprived! It’s not that I don’t want to do those things, it is just that I never have. It is all so intriguing to me seeing what I am missing out on.

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First off, this place is HUGE. At a whopping 14o,000 square feet, you can see the building right from the interstate. I was on the way to Biloxi, Mississippi and saw the billboard. In my mind I told myself “Oh look, I’ve always wanted to go there”, and took the exit ramp to make a spontaneous pit stop just so that I will never have to say that phrase again about Bass Pro Shops.

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The interior is as grand as it’s exterior. There is so much going on all around. There was a whole aquarium, murals, a model tank (accurately scaled) jutting our from the wall, taxidermy mounted animals, all presented into an environment to display in the store. It was so amazing. This place was nothing short of extraordinary. Walking through was like viewing displays from the natural history museum.

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This place isn’t only for shopping. There were so many other amenities in the building: an archery range, restaurant,  and an arcade style shooting gallery. So. Awesome. You can have fun there and you literally don’t have to buy anything.

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What is even more awesome is Bass Pro Shops’ advocacy for wildlife and environmental conservation. They have partnerships with many conservationist organizations both on the local and national level. It is so rare to find a corporate business actively and openly devoted to conservation.

Going to that store reminded me of all the outdoor adventures that I have yet to experience! And it also reminded me of the privileged life I have been living in. Clean water, A/C, and electricity is all a luxury not found outdoors in nature. I honestly don’t know life is without those things. If the world went to shit, I would be doomed. I have a lot to learn!


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