Exploring Ever’man

I am not much of a health nut, but I do believe that cooking and eating food is very spiritual to me. There is a beauty in creating something delicious with my own hands, and indulging in my own making. There is also a beauty in sharing food with others, in a way it fosters union. Food can be so intimate in a way it brings families, friends, lovers, and acquaintances together, strengthening these relationships. Have you ever thought about that? It is so common in our society to sit with someone for a meal to get to know each other, or catch up. Food plays a very ethereal role in our lives, more than we realize.

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Ever’man holds this same vision of food in a divine light. Ever’man  is Pensacola’s premier health foods store. The last time I visited I was in the 5th grade, and it was such a small dinky store with just a few isles. For the past few years they have made so many renovations, growing with visual sophistication. I am quite proud to see how much this local food store has grown. I haven’t visited in years, so I put Ever’man on my Pensacola bucket list. Yes. I put a grocery store on my bucket list. But not just any store!

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Ever’man has quite a selection in produce. It appears to be small, but the selection is quite impressive. All of the produce looked fresh and appealing. They even had some produce in stock that I think is particularly rare to find in a grocery store like sunchokes and turmeric root. A good proportion of the produce section is locally grown as well.

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This is totally weird, but I  was wildly impressed with the deodorant section. I am more of a roll-on girl than stick. When I go to Walmart or Publix all I can find is LAME stick Secret, Degree, and Dove monopolizing the deodorant game. I don’t find those brands useful to me, and reading off the list of questionable chemicals on the back is quite daunting when I consider putting them on my pretty pits. But Ever’man really  supports natural ingredients and small businesses. Not to mention for a reasonable price as well! I spent a good 20 minutes sniffing natural deo. Sweet.

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The place even has a Cafe for some good eats, a deli, as well as fresh baked sweets. You can smell the rotisserie chicken from the front door. It is basically the same price as a rotisserie chicken from a brand name grocery store too.

I have all these great things to say about Ever’man, but the price on some items can be stunting. Shopping for all your grocery items at this store can be a pretty penny. But you know what? You pay for quality. Investing in quality ingredients is an investment to your health. We make choices every day. No matter how big or small those choices are, they absolutely do make a difference. I encourage you to visit a local grocery, or a local business in your community! I will leave you with this quote lined a top the exit  of  Ever’man.

“A man may esteem himself happy when that which is food is also his medicine” -Henry David Thoreau


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