A Night of Feasting, Imbibery, and Debauchery

In the New Year I plan on blogging upon my  adventurous bucket list in Tampa, FL. Currently, I am visiting home for the holidays so I thought “Why not make a small bucket list of adventures here in Pensacola?” Before going to college in Tampa, I lived in Pensacola, Florida for roughly 10 years. Living in this city for that long, I could not believe I haven’t been to quite a few Pensacola staples!

My first one I’d like to mention is McGuires Irish Pub. This is a classic Pensacola staple restaurant and I finally visited for the first time last week! This place has been open since the 1970’s and has certainly made its mark in Pensacola. Every year McGuires hosts a St. Patrick’s Day run, and runners from miles and miles away flock to  Pensacola to participate. The alcohol served during the run is also a fun factor in the event 😉

I had always wanted to try Mcguires. Every time I get back in town, I always want to eat my hometown favorites instead of taking the gamble at a new restaurant. One night after playing a drinking game out of Cards Against Humanity,  one of my good friends suggested McGuires. It was a weekday and it was utterly late. But lucky us! McGuires closes at 2am! So we took the spontaneous trip downtown to McGuires with a designated driver of course.


The place had a lot of character. As soon as you walk-in, you find yourself standing under hundreds of one dollar bills hanging from the ceiling, all signed by visitors. There has got to be over a million dollars in there! I got to deface my own dollar bill with my name, and the kind waitress even provided me the staple gun to hang it high wherever I pleased!


The place has a specialty drink so strong that customers are only limited to 3! It is called the “Irish Wake”. My friends (who have already had enough that night from losing so much in Cards Against Humanity haha) proudly ordered the drink. They took just a few sips and surrendered! It tastes much like strong adulterated orange juice.

The best part was the FOOOOOD. I haven’t had much of a palate for Irish cuisine, as I’ve only had it a few times, but  I can’t believe I have been missing out on this place for years! The food comes in very large portions and for a very good price. Most of the menu is under $15. I couldn’t decide on a plate, so I ended up ordering a sampler platter as my entree. No regrets! The star appetizer for me was the Reuben egg rolls. Absolute must have.


Most of my plate was fried, so not all that healthy, but there is no shame when it comes to the late night munchies! Actually I have no shame in what I eat at all. Anytime. Anywhere. So yeah really I’m never ashamed of some good eats, and you shouldn’t be either!



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