Dreaming of Elsewhere

As a college senior, things are moving fast for me. I’m registering for my last semester of college, I’m looking for possible job opportunities, I’m preparing my invitations for graduation, etc. I am always looking ahead of me.

I wanted to go out with a bang my senior year, by travelling alone overseas to a place like like Australia or Europe. During my times of academic un-productivity, I find myself planning hypothetical vacations.“If I were to leave tomorrow and hop on a plane to New York City,  it would only be $200!” I’d go into depth as far as planning on how I would get around, where I could stay, where I should go. My head is always wanting to be elsewhere.

One day as I was day dreaming of elsewhere, I thought of the financial burden. I have no way of paying for such an excursion as a college student with an extensive list of loans to pay back. Then it hit me. Why should I travel far and wide to find satisfaction? People all over the world travel far and wide just to see my own city! There is beauty all  around me and my head was so far  in the clouds that I couldn’t see it for myself.

Tampa, FL is a b-e-a-utiful city. I have been going to school here for almost 4 years now and this  city has been so good to me. As I wrap up my college career, I noticed that there is a lot of things in Tampa that I still haven’t done yet! So I am dedicating this blog to my final semester’s bucket list of experiences in Tampa 🙂



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  1. Great idea! I love Florida and would be happy to trade places with you hahaha. I’ve been trying to reflect on past travels as I’m currently broke too. 😛


  2. I highly recommend travelling before settling down with a career. The later you wait the harder it gets. Try to save some money and worry about loans later. Travelling is something no school can ever teach. Careers can always be put on hold. Life isn’t about work. Young folk from the UK take a travel holiday usually after uni and that’s part of their culture. Americans should try to do the same.

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    • I noticed that trend, that is really amazing. It is not very common here to do that. I think a study abroad or an exchange program is more common in the US. But don’t worry! I’ll take your tip and run with it! I have some fun adventures ahead of me this year ;D


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